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'A Penny Short'

'A Penny Short' is a short silent comedy about a character who simply didn't have enough money to buy some milk and attempted a rather daring escape...

Project Clips: Video

'To The State!'

'To the state' is set in a dystopian future where surveillance is king and an oppressed citizen attempts to hide under the radar.

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'Tudor Hotel Set Build Walk-through'

These two short videos show a 'before and after' of the Tudor Hotel build in all its glory.

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'Punch Drunk'

Punch Drunk is a short, social realist film, about the syndrome 'Punch Drunk' that can effect ex-boxers in later life. Specifically one mans struggle to come to terms with his syndrome.

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'Atmospheric Character Shoot'

This project was a short atmospheric shoot, focusing on colour, light and character as well as experimenting with the one shot medium.

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'Life`s Short... Savour It'

This project was for submission into the 2019 Kodak Student Commercials competition, for which we did a period piece in the Monty Python style, for a commercial for a new savoury snack bar.

Project Clips: Video
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