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Welcome to OGT Designs. My name is Oliver Gillen-Toon, a Production Designer and Art Director for the Film and Television industry.  I’ve had the privilege of working on a number of intriguing and varied projects. I focus mainly on character in film and use this to establish my designs, I believe this creates a more compelling visual for an audience and generates a more believable story. Explore my work below and learn more about me. If you’d like to contact me, you can reach me at



December 2016

This project is a short silent comedy, shot on a 16mm Bolex camera, about a character who simply doesn't have enough money to buy some milk and attempted a rather daring escape...


October 2017

This project was a small scale set build for a series of short films to be shot within. The build was completed in 3 weeks. I then shot a short film named 'To the state' in this set. This film was set in a dystopian future where surveillance is king and an oppressed citizen attempts to hide under the radar, it therefore required a huge redress for this to work. This set was also used for a submission to the Kodak Student Commercials Awards in 2018 for which it won the Production Design Award.


February 2018

Punch Drunk was a short, social realist film, about the syndrome 'Punch Drunk' that can effect ex-boxers in later life. The project focused heavily on character and family relationships, it was therefore it was important that these themes were reflected within the design.


April 2018

This project was a short atmospheric shoot, focusing on colour, light and character as well as experimenting with the one-shot medium.

'D.I. IKE'

September 2018

This project was one of my personal favorites, a short dark comedy about a recovering alcoholic detective's attempt to take revenge on those responsible for the murder of his wife. This film is set in the idyllic countryside of Wales. The film was shot in one location and allowed for some very intricate and interesting designs.


December 2018

This project was for submission into the 2019 Kodak Student Commercials competition, for which we did a period piece in the Monty Python style, for a commercial for a new savoury snack bar, with a max total production budget of £300. This made the design fairly difficult but thoroughly enjoyable, which I believe comes across in the final piece.


March 2019

This project is a short dark comedy about an overworked Christmas cracker factory employee, who struggles to gain better workers rights from her tyrannical Father Christmas-esque boss. As you can imagine this film allowed for some fairly experimental designs and is also my largest design to date.

My other projects have included working as an art department assistant on adverts for companies such as; Jaguar, Budweiser, Go-Ahead (Mcvities), Pizza Hut, Absolute Vodka and Asics. As well as a Production Coordinator/ Art Department credit on a short film compilation called London Unplugged (

Please get in touch for more information about any of my projects.

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